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  • Czechs avenger Pérák !


    Author: Miška Category: Comments1x Views0x

    They told stories about him, similar like strories about american superhero. It is 2nd World War , In this time, Nazis occupied Bohemia and MOravia. In the dark alleys of Prague someone attacks the Nazis by jumping on jumping stillts. Hero jumped over the river, train, haus...

    . One of the withnesses, who saw Pérák, is Josef Špiling. One night he was watching Nazi soldiers, how were scared sitting in one of the streets.

    Suddenly passes the train, and from the darkness emerges a dark figure. Nazis begin burning to the darkness. None of the bullets did not find a target. Soon, the figure reflected from the ground and jump over whole train and by long jumps disappear in the dark.

    Špiling thought , that it was just toy. WHo was the mysterious marauder?Did pérák really exist? Such stories about misterious Pérák are too much.

    During Second world war was Machinery industry one of the most advance in the world.So someone could invent more powerful jumping stillts forty years ago?

    Short animal film about Pérák

    Was he good, or bad? OUr people knew , that he is just fiction,someone invented him to discourage women from night shifts., says Helena Janišová from Prague. Women were really scared, and they were not going to works at night shifts. Nazis were really ungry and they started to check for Pérák, but they did not caught him.

    But there are some clues , they suggest, that the story could be based on true events. Research from Doktor Miloš Pulce from Academy of Sciences convince, that Pérák appeared in 1936-1936 in Jihlava. Here people say, that Pérák jumped over trains. Pérák occurs around the world. For example in 19th century in Great Britain. The Britishc called this bizarre figure Springer Jakc.

    Also in Russi in 20th century and until 1945 even in USA

    Facts: They say, that Pérák was man on spring shoes, with strange mask and red eyes. Pérák sabotaget the German economy and harmed the Germans. But even this, also normaly people were worried to go out at night.

    Tho most Pérák´s powerful weapons were czechs note, that he exist. He maked Czechs stronger and Germans weaker. In Prague, there were on graffiti with the signatuer Pérák. He had a luminous cross, sometimes sounded ghostly squeak and he had stun rod...

    During occupation, was Pérák considered as a real person , who was maybe artist before he become superhero. Pérák was not tipical american superhero, like Hellboy, Superman. Pérák was not from comic book.

    After war started films about him and later comics. Legend is finished. Pera, or jumping stillts can now have everyone. :)




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