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Welcome on the largest web about powerbock in the Europe

Powerbock.eu is a new portal dealing with associations interested in jumping boots. Our goal is to provide the greatest amount of information and build community with the same interest. Powerbock, is a new revolutionary urban sport, that is constantly branching out for a new jumper and teams around the world.

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    Author: BigJoey Category: Blog Comments1x Views0x

    New for phone users

    To make available our forum for users with mobile phones so that you can ever control the news in the forum we have purchased an application that allows this.

    How it works:


    Just enter the address in your mobile  www.poweriserpages.com and swithch to the forum.



    Down at the bottom of the web is a link  MOBILE and just click and forum should work on your phone, much clearer.




    Now you can more communicate with your friends about events, issues and other topics.






    EtnaJumpers Group

    EtnaJumpers Group

    State: Italy
    City: Giarre

    Impacto Extremo

    Impacto Extremo

    State: Chile
    City: Santiago

    FuNNy Jumpers

    FuNNy Jumpers

    State: Slovakia
    City: Bratislava

    Other teams