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  • Test Powerstrider S.A.T.


    Author: BigJoey Category: Blog Comments0x Views0x

    Test Powerstrider S.A.T.


    A month ago we contacted the manufacturer skaaatch.com from Slovakia, which manufactures accessories for jumping stillts Powerstrider if we could test them. From the beginning I was skeptical about  the look of accessory and about the useful. Therefore, we decided to attend the test.





    Because this is not the first test what we make for various manufacturers of jumping stillts and accessories we have decided to introduce a new tag:Tested by professionals. It is a percentage mark, which we will give on based of different tests. The manufacturer  may can use the mark in the tested products.



    In this test, we tested accessories .......... so this is not a test of jumping stillts Powerstrider.




    The first in our viewfinder found themselves motocrosové feet of rubber. If you have someone already tried some rubber from a car or motorcycle cut them certainly know it's art, especially to do it straight. Therefore, we expect that the feet are cut off badly now. Mile us surprised when we found out that they are not really,, ukousané "but really straight cut off.

    At home you would certainly not do it this way. And now the main thing, is it good for jumping? On grass, on gravel?

    The first test we are slowly jumping on the grass and it was really good and then we tried to jump-start and running. A slip? What is it? In these bases, it was really good. Prevent sliding, skidding. Only from the beginning we had fear in it really,, stamp. "Proved there was nothing to worry about so we try and flips, etc. .. and everything without any problems.

    Worse it was when we went on a concrete or asphalt. There was no problem to walk, jump and run, but thanks to the great dredges, we had a bit of stability and we are swayed. Notwithstanding that the wet can be removed within a few minutes bolts. On wet grass, mud is applicable, but not to the same extent as the dry grass. The big disadvantage is when you go through the beta, such as when returning home. It really is not recommended. It is unstable and if you mean the screws on the concrete, it's really annoying.


    We recommend these shoes without the use of screws and jumping in the mud rather drop.)

    On the other hand, in the snow and ice are useful, but it is at this time, unfortunately, could not be tested.







    Spring Protection


    Powerstrider na svých stránkách uvádí že u modelu profesional není  zapotřebí používat žádnou ochranu pružiny, před poškozením. I když to tak pravděpodobně je různé oděrky a škrábance na pružině nejsou ničím  příjemným. Ochrana pružiny od skaaatch.sk sice nechrání pružinu před pády,  atd... Ale spolehlivě jí chrání před drobnými oděrkami při pádech nebo přepravě. Je vyrobena z nylonovo-monofilamentoveho vlákna a její provedení je opět velice dobré.

    This is really tight and well-mounted protection. After some time was broken few threads , but it was certainly more pleasant than having a worn spring.


    When you mount the spring , then you have completely remove the spring and thread.








    Proved useful is a foam padding in the knee bend. It is located between the knee and the new culf cuff. You do not need to use volleyball protectors  and culf cuff does not push in the shin.

    However, the sponge glued  on binding is totally unnecessary, because, it switched very quickly.


    Rest for calf



    First you think, that it will be not comfortable, but we were pleasantly surprised.In case you use old metal calf cuff. With the new callf cuff you do not need it , in this case it makes you feel uncomfortable... In case you still use  use metal calf cuff , this rest for calf  should not  missed on your jumping stillts. The thread allows settings of stillts in differrnt ways.The problem was only how to  get the leg to calf cuff, when the part is installed. People with big feet or with shoes has no chance to get in. Everything can be solved by unfixing two quick releases , after this you should to rise the  culf cuff and than fixed again and set it.







    + Footers are really effective on grass and  on wet ground

    + Footers allows to perform the same tricks  like  on strong ground

    + Protection prevents the springs from aesthetic defects

    + Padding at the knee bend exclude using of  volleyball protectors

    + Calf rest solidifies the leg about 30%

    + Everything looks like made from the manufacturer , not from a garage.




    - If are used a screws on the footer is almost impossible to move on concrete, etc ...

    - Lining of binding falls very early

    - Rest on calf is ineffective in case of new handle knee 

    - Sophisticated slip over the arm of calves




    Overall Rating 80%




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