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Welcome on the largest web about powerbock in the Europe

Powerbock.eu is a new portal dealing with associations interested in jumping boots. Our goal is to provide the greatest amount of information and build community with the same interest. Powerbock, is a new revolutionary urban sport, that is constantly branching out for a new jumper and teams around the world.

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    Author: Miška Category: Comments0x Views0x

    17th amater video about running on jumping stillts

     16th video with some tricks

    15th Las Vegas team

    14th promotional video, where on the beginning start running a few girls and then follow up mix of some videos from YouTube

    13th video from training of known team SweBounce

    12th again video with few tricks... it is copy of video from 16th position

    11th Jmper in market

    10th Record number of very difficult tricks!

    9th Video from Henry Holloway and his beginning

    8th a few attempts to do back flips

    7th video of one jumper from America, he jump over a car without the flip

    6th jump over the car by flip

    5th Promotional video Poweriser Show team Europe. It this video we can see even czech jumper Daniel Fajmon. Then Rise-up and some other jumpers. Show team europe is composed always of the best jumpers in Europe. THe poweriser.

    4th copy of position from 16 and 12

    3th intstuctar video how to use jumping stillts

    2th Video with some tricks from Las Vegas

    1th video from Mikaela and Mattiase Lindstrome from SweBounce




    EtnaJumpers Group

    EtnaJumpers Group

    State: Italy
    City: Giarre

    Impacto Extremo

    Impacto Extremo

    State: Chile
    City: Santiago

    FuNNy Jumpers

    FuNNy Jumpers

    State: Slovakia
    City: Bratislava

    Other teams