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Welcome on the largest web about powerbock in the Europe

Powerbock.eu is a new portal dealing with associations interested in jumping boots. Our goal is to provide the greatest amount of information and build community with the same interest. Powerbock, is a new revolutionary urban sport, that is constantly branching out for a new jumper and teams around the world.

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  • Do you want to have your action unique and original? So, our team is the best choice!


    In our team there are professional acrobats and world record holder Patrik Svoboda.


     What we offer:





    Presentation consists of several parts.

    The first task show to viewers the basic movements of jumping stillts.

    The second task try to attract the attention of all viewers. Individual jumpers shows more complex and effective tricks. Jumpers´s height is 2 meters. Not to be overlooked.

    In third part, our jumpers engage viewers and they use them as obstacles and they jump over them.  They jump ordinary jumps, or flips over viewers.

    The fourth and last presentation is exhibition of the best jumpers, where they converts a live show and professional tricks. The most difficults flips with spins, other extreme jumps. Our jumpers are professionals.


    CzechSlovakia got talent


    Jump Over CAR



    An activity , where instructor prepare a program and conditions , borrowing jumping stillts and during talking about this sport. These workshops use organizers of variol events, festivals, corporate events, tourism courses, etc. Workshops are becoming very attractive populár sevice. Many people are fascinated by this sport, but they are afraid to try it theirself. Here, they have the oportunity to try jumping stillts under the supervisit of the best instructors in the country. With our facilities we are able to lend jumping stillts during events to hundreds visitors. We have own promotion stand, video projection, flags, wegett, etc…..





    Distributing leaflets

    Do you want to get your product or service among the masses of people? Bounce cla nand jumping stillts are the right choice. Our jumpers hand out leaflets in the center of city and during this they jump shows, jump over people, they inform about your services and products.


    Each person will see our promoters, even if this is not naked painted girls. Promo team Bounce Clan is noticedable even without nudity. Promoters will be dressed in your corporate colors, jerseys, etc… We can ensured distributing leaflets with help of our partners in whole czech republic.  


    Advertising boards

    We are the first in the Czech republic, who provide advertising boards at the back of our jumpers. I tis a patented advertising board on the back of jumpers, approximately 45*85cm. Advertising board for better advertising option. Promotional T-shirts are expensive ( rating 8 EU/pc) and can be used only on one particular event, or just achal product, then they are inappropriate. Moreover, when you jump, the tishirt creased and the logo is unreadable. And how you want to virble Tshirt in the dark?

    We bring solutions. Our advertising boards are lightweight and firmly fixed on the back of the jumpers. A jumper is about 50 cm higher than normal walker. Advertising board on his back is cirectly at eye level of people. Thanks to the hard peg, jumpers can perform even the most demanding tricks and acrobatic elements. Advertising board do not miss any eyes. The great advantage is the posibility of lifting the area. At night events, become this board really eye-catching. Lighting is provided by Leds and ensured a truly efficient lighting. The color lighting is optional. Advertising boards are universal and can be easily replased.



    Main advantages

      • The logo is visible and it stays fixed
      • Can be used at night events
      • I tis visible in a crowd( jumpers are about 50vm higher than men)
      • Solid fixation, jumpers can perform acrobatic elements


    Powerbock Tour Prague

    Do you want to have amazing experience in Prague? Sagway is a boring affair for you? So just powerbock Prague touer is an experience for you.

    Tour lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Tour can participat any group of candidates. In the beginnig will be a short training on the jumping stillts (about 10-15 minutes). Then you go with our instructors and guides to the center of Prague to see monuments, on jumping stillts you can enjoy the great movement. You will enjoy this tou rand you will never forget. This is evidenced by the publication in newspapers like Sunday Times an England, or journal magazíne Yeah Baby, which is distributed troughout Europe. Even story for Naational Geographic. This tour will leave in you wonderful feeling for a long time. Tour ongoes with informations in czech and english. Can be used especially for fereing clients or friends.


    Masked Parade

    In recent years are cinubg back fancy-dress parade. Sk bounce clan owns several costumes for variol events, from Nicholas to Easter bunnies, or movie heroes. We also wark with few rental companies, co anytime we can customize to the costumes. Participation of our jumpers will be a great experience for your audience!



    Basketball show

    A few of our jumpers are former basketball league players, who ende up with this sport becouse of thein height. Poweriser jumping stillts solve this problem.  We are able to ensure the basketball game in meantime, tournametn appearances. In the performance we almou perform a variety of ski jumping and  exhibition with basketball ball.





     Why us?

    Becouse, we performed and cooperated with prestigious companies and media, not only Czcech  republic, but also even around the world. We are the leaders in Powerbocking activies.


    National Geographic, Asus, Prima Cool, Czech Television, Nova, the Sunday Times, Bohemian Carnival, yeah baby, Australien Network






    City: Rotherham
    Boots: 7LeagueBoot



    City: Rotherham
    Boots: Poweriser



    City: long Beach
    Boots: Poweriser

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