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Welcome on the largest web about powerbock in the Europe

Powerbock.eu is a new portal dealing with associations interested in jumping boots. Our goal is to provide the greatest amount of information and build community with the same interest. Powerbock, is a new revolutionary urban sport, that is constantly branching out for a new jumper and teams around the world.

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  • Aubria 2011

    Author: BigJoey Category: Calendar

    Aubria 2011


    Aubria 2011 is coming soon. You can expect a lot of fun ,competitions which test your technique . Evaluation and reward system will be set up so, that everyone should take a prize and you can get grand prize even if you do not jump over the bar 2m, and triple jump over 15m and you do not need be fast as the wind. Competitions will be on tactics, technique, skill, but also luck. :-) Feel free to register - capacity is limited

    ride on the rails

    Author: BigJoey Category: Blog

    ride on the rails


    When I started jumping, I thought that it would be a great to ride on jumping stillts the rails or jump on obstacles and stay on them. Exactly like the skaters or bikers. Long time i was thinking how to do it. . Recently i got an idea. And I think it is really easy.

    Bouncecamp 2011

    Author: Category: Calendar

    Bouncecamp 2011


    Due to the success of the last year’s Bouncercamp, we now announce the "Bouncercamp 2011"

    Hat for helmet

    Author: Miška Category: Blog

    Hat for helmet


    Another video, how to improve your helmet. If you plant to participate in any carnevals , parties, etc.... With this hat you will be really attraction.
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    22.02.2018 - 06:00 Children's bouncy stillts for adults

    I meant on this specific youtube video that talks about powerbocking

    Comment wrote: kevin

    22.02.2018 - 05:55 Children's bouncy stillts for adults

    these devices are awesome. I saw guys perfoming incredible feats with them on www.youtube.com

    Comment wrote: illy

    12.11.2014 - 07:56 12

    This post is worthy of appreciation, looking forward to more exciting!

    Comment wrote: nep Replica Horloges Alle

    13.10.2013 - 04:12 BRAD

    Wena Brad !!!

    Comment wrote: Boro

    13.10.2013 - 04:10 Impacto Extremo

    Que nivel de Tem de zancos en Chile !!!!

    Comment wrote: Boro

    13.10.2013 - 04:10 Impacto Extremo

    Que nivel de Tem de zancos en Chile !!!!

    Comment wrote: Boro

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    EtnaJumpers Group

    EtnaJumpers Group

    State: Italy
    City: Giarre

    Impacto Extremo

    Impacto Extremo

    State: Chile
    City: Santiago

    FuNNy Jumpers

    FuNNy Jumpers

    State: Slovakia
    City: Bratislava

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    12.10.2011 Powerbocking Contest Toulouse 2011 by Pazz

    Author: BigJoey Comments 0x Views 0x

    Powerbocking Contest

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