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Welcome on the largest web about powerbock in the Europe

Powerbock.eu is a new portal dealing with associations interested in jumping boots. Our goal is to provide the greatest amount of information and build community with the same interest. Powerbock, is a new revolutionary urban sport, that is constantly branching out for a new jumper and teams around the world.

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    Josef Beneš
    Headquarters: 268 Duchcovská
    ID: 75864495, DIC: CZ8511253168
    (hereinafter referred to as "Powerbock") on the one hand
    in this moment the registering users
    concluded contractual arrangements,
    when powerbock gives to users enough space on his own portal at the web site www.powerbock.eu and user can add his videos, write blogs, add events to the calendar, news, photos, teams, jumpers. Contractual arrangements depend to business conditions. Stream is entitled to publish the content from web server powerbock.eu on any other Web site in powerbock´s discretion in this case, wher these terms and conditions apply to the provision of services to these other websites.

    1st Service provider on the Internet server powerbock.eu (hereinafter also referred to as "Server") is Josef Beneš, Duchcovská 265, Grave 417 04, ID: 75864495, DIC: CZ8511253168 (hereinafter also referred to as "server operator") who
    deals with contract´s conclusion and performance by the commercial or other business activities.

    2nd User is a person who, in the conclusion and performance of the contract is not in their
     own commercial or other business activities.

    3rd Parties  conclude a contract
    by § 52 et seq. Civil Code and other relevant laws of the Czech Republic. The contract is concluded when the user fills the registration´s data, agree to the following conditions, will become an users, and his speech will be delivered by service providers.

    4th Services provided to users after registration consist of the following activities:

    giving space on the server such way, that they allow to each user , that they can store, edit, or disclose a limited or unlimited range of other people their audiovisual contributions (hereinafter referred to as "Works");

    b) other services, for example the possibility of keeping their own blogs, joining and the creation discussions and the participation in them, dating and other services by the current offer service server.

    c) the provision of space and other services on other Web sites just in this case, if powerbock decide that they will keep the server content.

    5th Services referred  in Article 4 are provided to users for free , on the basis of registration and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

    6th Stored files or their parts (passages) should not be in contrary to the laws of the Czech Republic.

    There is expressly forbidden distribute files and other information, in particular:

    a) infringe intellectual property rights (copyright, rights related to copyright or industrial property rights) of others;

    b) lead to unfair competition, which is in contrary to the rules and governing competition in the marketing arrangements or practices of competition, so they cut the reputation or they jeopardize the operation or development of the company

    c) they contain an unauthorized using of trademarks, trade names and protected designations of origin, which is for them the exclusive right , or any sign interchangeable with it;

    d) they contain passages which incite to crime or to the collective failure of important duties imposed by law or approved the offense or they public the praise for his crime offenders;

    e) they contain passages that they support to use drugs, or alcohol or they abuse such substances;

    f) they contain passages that threaten another person or group of residents of killing, assault on health or cause damage of great magnitude;

    g) contain passages that shame a nation, its language, one ethnic group or race, or group of inhabitants of the Republic for their political beliefs, religion or because they are not religious;

    h) contain passages that incite to hatred of any nation, ethnic group, race, religion, class or other group of persons or to restrict the rights and freedoms of their members;

    i) contain an alarm message that is false;

    j) contain pornographic works that show the child where the disrespect shown to a man and violence, or who show sexual intercourse with an animal;

    k) allow persons under the age of eighteen years of age access to any pornographic works;

    l) contain false information about another that is capable of greatly undermine the seriousness of his fellow citizens, especially harm him in employment, impair his family relationships, or cause him any serious harm;

    m) promote or propagate the movement, which clearly seeks to suppress the rights and freedoms of man and preaches ethnic, racial, religious or class hatred or hatred against another group of people, or publicly showing affection for these movements;

    n) deny, dispute, approve or trying to justify Nazi or Communist genocide or other crimes of the Nazis or the Communists against humanity.

    7th Users may not in their files and other information upload any paid advertising. Paid advertising links also mean advertising in which the user receives any other benefits or remuneration. Advertising does not include links to other sites. Is it possible to placing only ads for their own product or service rather than product or service to a third party, but while the user must ensure the relevant provisions of Act No. 40/1995 Coll. On the regulation of advertising, as amended.

    8th Disclosure of advertising is restricted only to the server operators.

    9th The space provided is intended for users to install and operate files and other information users to the audio-visual presentation. Server is not designed for data backup.

    10th User shall not in any way interfere with the rights of copyright works, located on the server, or distribute these works, or otherwise make available to third parties without the express permission of the author or copyright administrator.
    11th User may not in any way attempt to break the security server compromise its operation or obtain personal data about other users.

    12th It is prohibited to send unsolicited commercial communications (spam) to other users or the server newsgroups, which would refer to the page of this site.

    13th The service provider pursuant to Article 4, consisting of storage of information (files) provided by the user, is responsible under the provisions of § 5 of the Act No. 480/2004 Coll. On some information society services, as amended for the content of information stored on the user's request only

    a) when given the scope of its activities and the circumstances and nature of the case, know that the content of information stored and the user behavior is illegal or

    b) learn to be shown on the illegal nature of the content of information stored or illegal behavior

    of the user and immediately did all the steps that may be required to remove or rendering inaccessible of such information.

    14th Under the provisions of § 6 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll. On some information society services, as amended, the service provider referred to in Article 4 is not required to monitor the contents of their transmitted or stored information or actively seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal content information.

    15th In order to ensure the above mentioned obligations set forth in the service provider if it somehow becomes aware of the existence of files or parts thereof, or other information users who violate ust Articles 6, 7 and 9 is immediately deleted. User acknowledges and agrees that the service provider is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or other injury to the user by this procedure could have caused or arise.

    16th In the event that a user commits an act which is contrary to Article ust 6 to 12 of these business conditions, the contract between him and the service provider terminated by prior notice

    17th The operator server user does not guarantee the continuous operation of the services, their availability, as well as bandwidth (speed connection to the server).

    18th Server operator does not make any backup on the server located and assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages or other injury caused by the destruction or deletion. Backup content, placed on the server, the user must make its own means.

    19th Server operator reserves the right to delete files.

    20th When registering, the user must indicate the true information. Server operator commits any information obtained during user registration protected in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. On the Protection of Personal Data, as amended. Server operator is entitled to the information provided by the registrant to provide os Bounce Clan. for their use in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    21st The user hereby within the meaning of § 7 paragraph 2 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll. On some information society services, as amended, agrees that the server operator will be authorized to send users e-mail messages that are commercial communications within the meaning of § 2 point.


     f) Act No. 480/2004 Coll., containing in particular, but not limited to, information about the server and its contents.

    22nd Contract concluded under these trading conditions shall be governed by laws of the Czech Republic. Server operator reserves the right to modify any provision of the services, even without prior notice. Server operator furthermore reserves the right to change these terms of trade. The change in business conditions, the operator of the server must appropriately noted at least 30 days in advance. If the user later than 30 days after publication of notice of change in business conditions expresses that the change does not agree, they will server relationship between the operator and the user continue to manage the changed business conditions, otherwise there will be agreement between the user and the service provider end.

    23rd Contract can also terminate, made by logging off the user. The contract is terminated when the user will appear to its termination, and his speech will be delivered by service providers.


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